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Lori Loud is Lincoln's cute and tomboyish 17-year-old sister, and the deuteragonist of the Nickelodeon series The Loud House. She's one of the eleven children in the Loud family, and is the oldest of them, being a cute 17-year-old. She gets annoyed easily, and mostly uses the phone that she has, mostly using it to chat or talk to her radical boyfriend Bobby Santiago.

Why She Rocks

  1. Like Amy Rose, she is half-tomboyish and half-girly. In fact, she's one of Nickelodeon's cutest tomboys around.
  2. She's very cute, friendly, insecure and protective.
  3. Although she likes some girly stuff (such as makeup, pedicure and romance), she literally loves more boyish hobbies, such as boys' clothing, rock music and boyish sports.
    • Like Lincoln and Ronnie, she would really love video gaming, 'cause she's one of the video gaming experts. In addition to video games, She would also love video arcades.
    • Due to being a very cute and tomboyish teenage dudette, she would really love hanging out with boys, especially Bobby.
  4. Despite having boyish sports, she would do badminton and golf.
  5. Her very cute, tomboy-esque character design.
  6. She loves her siblings and friends despite she sometimes can be mean and bossy to them.
  7. Catherine Taber did really nice job voicing her.
  8. She had her baby sister Lily, so she can play with her.
  9. She literally cares for her other sister "Leni Loud", which is heartwarming.
  10. She's literally one of Nickelodeon's cutest tomboys.
  11. She really literally loves Lincoln for caring him. Speaking of which, the relationship between Lori and Lincoln is very cute and pure heartwarming, rather they're having fun, jamming to rock music and playing video games.

Bad Qualities

  1. Like Lincoln, she was literally interested in gross stuff, and due to being gassy, she would actually... FART, as one of her favorite boyish hobbies, rather she's farting while having a date with Bobby. However, Lori and Lincoln are having so much fun belching and farting.
  2. It was very harsh of her to threaten to smash Lincoln with a cabinet in the episode Save The Date. That wasn’t necessary of her, but she was just very upset at the time.
  3. She sometimes acts like a child sometimes despite being the oldest child and be bossy to her siblings.
  4. She can be a jerk sometimes, Most notably in the early seasons of the show.


  • Her name is a variant of the Latin name "Laura," and is the abbreviation of "Lorraine".
    • Her name also means "The laurel tree or sweet bay tree."
  • She was named after one of Chris Savino's five sisters.
  • Lori is the third most feminine Loud sister, after Leni and Lola. She usually wears shorts instead of a dress, but she loves fashion and other stereotypical teenage girl things.
  • She is portrayed by Cat Taber who also voices Padme in Clone Wars and Female Jesse in Minecraft Story Mode.