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Lola Loud is one of the seven tritagonists of The Loud House. She is the third youngest child in the family and is Lana Loud's twin sister. While she is depicted as bratty, vain and conceited little girl but she still has a sweet and innocent side. She is voiced by Grey Griffin.

Why She Rocks

NOTE: This Page Is talking about Lola Loud's character development in Season 2 and some of her good qualities.

  1. As mentioned above in the description, Despite that she can be bratty, selfish and has self-centered and strident nature, She still loves, cares for and is compassionate with her family members.
  2. She is always grateful for her siblings' kindness (Especially of Lincoln) towards her and appreciates their company.
  3. She has shown herself to be capable of humility and selflessness when compelled to let go of her own needs.
  4. Even though she is determined to get her way most of the time, she often shows remorse or guilt if she hurts the feelings of one of her family members.
  5. Whenever, one of her siblings is in trouble, she shows remorse, sympathy and concern and often cooperates with her siblings to cheer them up. For example in "Undie Pressure", she bought the victory underwear for Lincoln when he was miserably reading in clothes after losing the competition.
  6. In "No Place Like Homeschool", She helped all her siblings to pass their test, thus sacrificing her own test and unfortunately failing it.
  7. Her character design is so adorable and pretty.
  8. She has a great relationship with her twin sister Lana despite the fact they are polar opposite of each other.
  9. She has started to act more mature and acts less bratty and her mean spirited behavior is toned down nowadays.
  10. In "Gown and Out" After losing in pageant, she realizes that as she gets older, the competition will get harder, but that shouldn't stop her from doing what she loves; it also shows that she's a determinator.

Bad Qualities

  1. She was an unlikable, mean spirited, selfish jerk and brat in Season 1.
  2. Even after her redemption, she can sometimes can be a mean spirited, selfish jerk and brat.
  3. She at times can be at her worst in some of the episodes such as "Sound of Silence", "A Tattler's Tale", "A Star is Scorned" and "Strife of the Party"; although, Lola at least most of the time learns from her actions. Heck sometimes she actually gets karma for her actions.
  4. She sometimes can be a spoiled brat.