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Hello folks, I'mLittle Dot. I'm a cute and tomboyish little girl obsessed with dots, spots, and round, colorful objects. I was created in 1949 by Alfred Harvey and Vic Herman.

Why I'm So Cute

  1. I had my cuteness of Little Audrey.
  2. Like most of the tomboys of the '30s, '40s and '50s, I loves more boyish hobbies, but hates more girly hobbies (except for few of them).
  3. To fit my cuteness and tomboyishness, I wore my most iconic 1930s outfit, which was very similar to the traditional all-American tomboy.
    • Including a little red dress with puffed sleeves and black polka-dot spots, white ankle socks, and a pair of very shiny black Mary Jane shoes.
  4. Like Little Audrey, I usually speak with my thick New York City accent.
  5. I'm adorably obsessed with dots, spots, and round, colorful objects.
  6. Like Little Audrey, she loves jazz and swing music. While Little Audry and my best friend, Little Lotta had thier trumpets, I had my saxophone to do my Jazz music.
    • I was so good at scat-singing and tap-dancing.
  7. My descendant was very adorable, this time as an cute and brainy African-American.

Why I'm Such a Little Brat

  1. My descendant doesn't appear to have as big an obsession with dots.