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If I had to worry about my sisters anytime I wanted to do something, I'd never do anything.

Lincoln Loud is an 11 (later 12 year old boy as of Season 5) year old elementary student at Royal Woods Elementary School (later Royal Woods Middle School), and the main protagonist of the Nickelodeon show The Loud House. and a supporting character in the spin-off The Casagrandes.

Why He Rocks

  1. He's pretty likable and well-meaning.
  2. He likes to break the fourth wall to talk to the viewers, in a non-annoying way unlike one of those weird kids' shows Lola watches!
  3. He comes up with the most creative plans and operations, after all, he calls himself the Man with the Plan! Although, he should probably come up with shorter names for them...
  4. For fans, he is best cartoon kid than others in modern cartoon history.
  5. He is the number one of the kids, especially for his family.
  6. He is the most popular kid for us fans, along with his sisters.
  7. Most of the time he's very caring towards my sisters, and he wouldn't trade them for the world.
  8. He loves all of sisters equally.
  9. Him and Clyde have a great friendship together, and their friendship name is Clincoln McCloud. Yeah, but not every times.
  10. Him and Ronnie Anne, especially for his sisters, they're just friends, happily.
  11. Hey, he may be a comic book/video game nerd, but he likes cute stuff too, you know.
  12. He was developed into a character with 10 sisters, which is a creative idea for kids, teens and adults alike.
  13. Despite his sisters always forgive him, everybody each other learn a lesson!
  14. The song "The Best Dang Brother Anywhere Around", sung by his sisters, is super amazing.
  15. His true good and positive friends, mainly Santa Claus and the Governor.
  16. In every times, he's the best kid of Royal Woods ever, but just for his sisters.
  17. He is his likable self when he guest starred in The Casagrandes episodes, “The Horror-Scope” and “An Udder Mess”.

Bad Qualities

  1. He's interested in gross stuff and being gassy.
  2. Something wrong, when at times he does not want to spend time with Clyde and other friends, because he's always busy with his sisters for survive for good relationships.
  3. While his sisters are very sorry for him, he won't forgive them if they showing a good education.
  4. His "comics in his undies" scenes are cringeworthy. However, he thankfully stopped doing that in recent times.
  5. Despite his intelligence, he can be very gullible and quick to jump to conclusions.


  • Although it is unexplained why his hair is white instead of red, or blonde/yellow, or black, or blue, or even brown (light or dark), he is apparently born with poliosis, which means absence of color on your hair.
  • He had over four voice actors in the series, the first one being Sean Ryan Fox (in the pilot), Grant Palmer (in Season 1's episodes "Left in the Dark - "A Fair to Remember"), Collin Dean (in Season 1's "One of the Boys" - "Homespun" and Season 2 - onwards), and Tex Hammond (Listen Out Loud Podcast Episode #7: Lincoln Loud and Clyde).
  • He is Tex Hammond's very first character he has voiced, in fact, The Loud House is the first cartoon to play a character in the series.
  • In "Not a Loud", his birth story was me being born in the limousine belonging to the President of the United States of America.
    • This may be the reason why his name is Lincoln, as it was the name of a former U.S.A. president. Wait...we're not supposed to be sharing this with you! Just...forget we said that. Heh heh...
  • He's the only character to appear and have dialogue in every single episode of the first two seasons, due to him being the protagonist and all.
    • His first non-speaking appearance was in "Roadie to Nowhere", while the first time I was absent was in "Net Gains".
  • Unlike his sisters, Lincoln has more than four letters in his name.
  • He is loosely based on Ferris Bueller as both characters usually speak to the viewer, have a best friend who's name starts with C with a interesting dynamic with Fathers, (Clyde and Cameron respectively), have a love interest who's name ends with N and E (Ronnie Anne and Sloane respectively), have a teenaged strict, bossy but kind hearted sister (Lori and Jeanie Respectively) and are both owned by ViacomCBS.