Lily Loud

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"You Yincoln Youd."

Lily Loud is the youngest and the cutest of Lincoln Loud's sisters and the pentagonist of The Loud House. At 15 months old (1.25 years); later 2 years as of S5, she is capable of walking independently and is just learning to speak, but is also frequently in need of having her diaper changed. Despite being the baby of the family, Lily is fairly aware of the world around her, particularly the antics of her older siblings. She is always happy to be around her siblings, all of whom care deeply for her (even bossy Lori and bratty Lola).

Why She Rocks

  1. She was the cutest character in The Loud House series, due to being a cute little baby girl.
  2. Cute character design.
  3. She is the one of the most nicest (Along with Leni, Luna, Lana) sisters to Lincoln.
  4. She was Lori's daughter-figure, so she can play with Lori.
  5. She also doesn’t gets into fights with her other older siblings.
  6. Funny crush on her teddy bear, as shown in L Is For Love.
  7. She also has relationships with other people other than her family, such as Mr. Grouse.

Bad Qualities

  1. She was Lisa's roommate.
  2. She can sometimes (extremely rarely though) be a jerk to Lincoln, such as in No Such Luck.
  3. She overuses toilet and poop jokes, but it makes sense since she is a baby.
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