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"Yay! Lily stay home forever!"

"You Yincoln Youd."

Lily Loud is the youngest and the cutest of Lincoln Loud's sisters and the pentagonist of The Loud House. At 15 months old (1.25 years); later 2 years as of S5, she is capable of walking independently and is just learning to speak, but is also frequently in need of having her diaper changed. Despite being the baby of the family, Lily is fairly aware of the world around her, particularly the antics of her older siblings. She is always happy to be around her siblings, all of whom care deeply for her (even bossy Lori and bratty Lola).

Why She Rocks

  1. She is a nice sister to Lincoln.
  2. She also doesn’t gets into fights with her other older siblings.
  3. She has a funny crush on her teddy bear, as shown in L Is For Love.
  4. She also has relationships with other people other than her family, such as Mr. Grouse and Carlitos Casagrande from The Casagrandes.
  5. She has a cute character design.
  6. At the end of the episode “Potty Mouth”, her censored bleep was unexpected and funny.
  7. Despite being a baby, she can be really smart in some episodes:
    • In “Any Given Sundae” where she intentionally sets off her sibling's antics to make sure she gets ice cream.
    • In “Schooled!” where she pretends to not be potty trained so that she can stay with her parents because she thought she wasn't ready for preschool.
  8. Starting in season 5, she grew as a character and started to speak full sentences, went to preschool, and became potty trained, ending any toilet humor involving her.

Bad Qualities

  1. She can sometimes (extremely rarely though) be a jerk to Lincoln, such as in “No Such Luck”.
  2. She is used for toilet and poop jokes, but it makes sense why it's done so since she is a baby (this would end by the start of season 5 as she turns 2 where she becomes a toddler).
  3. She was unlikable in “Silence of the Luans” where she tried to get Luan to come out of retirement of pulling dangerous pranks on her family on April Fool's Day by taking her place in pranking them and sadistically tortured the family.


  • Lily's name comes from Chris Savino's wife's plans for names in case they had daughters, but it was never used because they wound up having three sons and no daughters.