Lex Luthor is the main antagonist of both Superman: The Movie and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace and a major antagonist in Superman II. He is Superman's arch nemesis, who plots to destroy his enemy and become the richest man ever.

He was protrayed by Gene Hackman.

Why This Incarnation of Lex Luthor Rocks

  1. Even though Luthor is more comedic here than in the source material, he still has the fearsomeness and intelligence that comics Luthor is notable and famous for. (Hello, Jesse Eisenberg!)
  2. Gene Hackman does a great and unique portrayal of the iconic supervillain.
  3. Similar to the comics', he's very strategic and uses the resources around him for his plans, and actually thinks through the situation. It really says something when an ordinary human manages to be one of the Man of Steel's greatest foes.
  4. Hackman's take on Luthor is surprising very entertaining, and him bragging about he schemes stands out as a vast contrast compared to his comics.
  5. He serves as a future influence to other takes of the character and other iconic villains due to being pretty memorable.
  6. This version has a surprisingly honorable side with his rival despite still being evil.
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