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Cornelius Lewis Robinson is the main protagonist of Disney's 47th animated feature film Meet The Robinsons, and the future father of Wilbur Robinson.

Why He Rocks

  1. He's proven to be one of Disney's smartest characters ever made. Graduating college at 14. (Remind you of anyone?)
  2. Major character character development: He learned that even though he'll fail sometimes he needs to keep moving forward.
  3. Speaking of which, his motto, and himself as a whole is very inspirational.
  4. He became the owner of a successful, world-changing company called Robinson Industries, that works wonders
  5. He's been an orphan for 12 years looking for some love, how could you not like this boy?
  6. He is generous to everyone, even to his enemies and those who do not respect him.
  7. He proves to be diligent and demonstrates determination when he fixes the time machine during a crisis.
  8. He is not only intelligent, but also wise beyond his years, as he takes the Robinsons' advice of keep moving forward to heart and uses it to help those who need to be taught a lesson like Goob (though this failed due to the latter choosing to blame Lewis for ruining his life over taking responsibility for it).
  9. He sees the good in others and is willing to offer them a second chance, as he is shown to be willing to welcome Goob to be a member of the Robinson family in spite of his misdeeds (though Goob turned the opportunity down out of regret for his actions).

Bad Qualities

  1. He can be quick to give up on something.
  2. He is sometimes temperamental, especially when Wilbur repeatedly tries to encourage him to keep moving forward and not give up.
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