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"I care a lot. It's kind of my thing." ― Leslie Knope in a nutshell

Leslie Knope is the main character of the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. She is the head of the titular government agency in the fictional city of Pawnee, Indiana.

She is portrayed by Amy Poehler, who won several awards for her performance.

Why She Rocks

  • Her sunny disposition and relentless positivity mix beautifully with her neuroticism and tendency to self-sabotage; in other words, she's a hot, hilarious mess.
  • Foibles aside, she is a good person who genuinely cares about people and her community at large and believes in public service.
  • She aspires to be a role model for women and girls in her community - and succeeds.
  • She and her husband Ben Wyatt are an adorable couple.
  • She is a devoted friend to Ron Swanson and Ann Perkins even when she annoys them, and a caring mentor to April Ludgate, even when April doesn't want her to be.
  • She has endless patience with Pawnee's dense, often childish residents.
  • Flashforwards in the series finale portray her as becoming the Governor of Indiana, and imply that she eventually becomes President of the United States.

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