"I'm, like, totally gonna win!"

Leni L. Loud is the second-eldest child of the eleven children within the Loud Family and the deuteragonist of The Loud House.

Why She Rocks

  1. Leni has a likeness to designing outfits and accessories to go with them, making them look pretty.
  2. Starting at 16 years of age, although she is naive and ditzy, she makes up for it for her beauty and kindness to balance all of that off.
  3. In the episode "No Spoilers", it's shown she is the only member of the family considerate enough within the family to be able to make the perfect surprise party because she pays attention to what people like.
  4. Although irresponsible at times, she is shown to be very compassionate to make up for that as seen in the episode "Cover Girls".
  5. Leni is one of the few siblings to prioritize helping her family get better, as opposed to getting away when the Loud family caught the flu in "One Flu Over the Loud House".

Bad Qualities

  1. As mentioned in GQ #4, she can be irresponsible at times.
  2. Leni can be a bit of a dimwit at times.


  • Originally, she was going to be an 8-year-old, obese, pigtailed girl with brown hair, but Savino decided to make big changes instead.
    • Interestingly, Lucy Loud was the sibling who ended up being 8 years of age rather than Leni.
  • Her name ironically translates to "Bright".
  • Leni Loud was named after Leni, a nurse in Franz Kafka's The Trial, who falls in love with the main character Josef K. despite his unexplained status as a felon.
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