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Latavious Johnson, more commonly know as Lala, is an antagonist in the CW TV show Black Lightning.

Why He Rocks

  1. Will Catlett does an outstanding performance for his role as this character.
  2. Lala genuinely cares about Freeland as shown in seasons 3 and 4. While Black Lightning was retired for a year after Henderson's death, Lala was leading an illegal organization to help put money in people's pockets.
  3. His dialogue is really something. He can be quite the motivator.
  4. Lala may sometimes be enemies with Black Lightning, but sometimes he will save him or find common ground with him. He even once told Black Lightning that it was good that he came back.
  5. He is great at melee combat and using firearms. He is not only a deadly shot but also can maneuver in a fight with ease and efficiency, as proven by his fight with Ishmael.
  6. His rivalry with Tobias Whale is very well established and tense.
  7. As of season 3 he can survive being killed as he can heal quite fast.
  8. For every person he kills their spirit forms a tattoo on his body, each hurts him. Knowing he is being punished he now only kills for the sake of putting things right.
  9. He may be flawed, being a criminal and other things, but he still means well as he wants to kill Tobias because he never forgot about the awful and worse crimes Tobias committed. He even educated a kid about respect, respect is important to him, and he never kills kids and will kill people in his gang that do.
  10. He believes in mercy, though can be brutal if he deems it necessary. While he values respect he won't kill his gang members just for disobeying him once.
  11. He is one of the hardest people to kill in the show.
  12. Though he was was reluctant, he was willing to have a truce with Destiny. It was only when Destiny set a trap for him that he tried to kill her after the agreement.
  13. While it isn't explored much, it's known that he didn't have much while growing up; this sets his character up well since he has a solid reason to want to make it to the top of his line of business while making sure his gang earns what they worked for.

Bad Qualities

  1. He has trouble managing his anger.
  2. His character can be considered filler in the second half of season 1.
  3. He can be dishonorable in some ways.
  4. In the first two episodes of season 1 he is perhaps less likable.