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"You don’t wanna miss out on all the fun in the Super-Fantastic VeggieTales Fan Club!"

Hey there readers! This is Larry the Cucumber, is the deuteragonist/central protagonist of the computer-animated religious cult classic VeggieTales. I am an anthropomorphic cucumber with one tooth in my mouth, co-host, and in-universe actor of the show.

Why I Rock

  1. I am bouncy and energetic, even more so than my own best friend and co-host Bob.
  2. I have spawned clever internet memes. I even managed to predict randomly generated humor!
  3. I am one of the "straight men" in my partnership with Bob.
  4. My awesome and catchy silly songs!
  5. I am kind, cheerful, and thoughtful.
  6. I have a great sense of humor.
  7. Regardless what role I play, whether I am a hero, antihero, or even a villain, I'm always the same silly cucumber you all know and love.
  8. I have a really cool alter-ego that goes by the name: LARRY-BOY!

Bad Qualities

  1. In the Netflix series, I was flanderized to the point where my intelligence was lessened and I became a sardine-eating fool just for so-called "comedy" purposes, just like for my friend and co-host. Also, my redesign tried to be cute and animesque, but failed.
  2. In "SILLY SING-ALONG 2: The End Of Silliness" I almost lost my mind after eating too much Ice Cream and started having a nightmare at Jimmy Gourd's Ice Cream parlor. But luckily I got my position back after Archibald who I was still mad at the time being for cancelling my silly songs and tried replacing me with LOVE SONGS WITH Mr. Lunt, had gotten petitions from 167,512 fans of the franchise.
  3. I can get a little scatterbrained sometimes, and can get distracted by my own thoughts and ideas, causing me to do what's wrong or make a few mistakes.