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La Muerte is the ruler of the Land of the Remembered, the wife of Xibalba and a major protagonist in the computer-animated Day of the Dead-themed film, The Book of Life.

She is voiced by Kate del Castillo.

Why She Rocks

  1. As shown in the film, she knows how to to handle and teach trouble-making kids the ways of life as she tells them the story of Manolo and Maria in the form of a tour guide.
  2. She believes that the heart of man is essentially pure. Plus, all creatures love her and she has a deep fondness towards children.
  3. There's no doubt she, as the ruler of the Land of the Remembered, could, can, and is a badass.
  4. Her design is beautiful and well-drawn which goes very well with her amazing personality.
  5. She rules the Land of the Remembered through and by respect.
  6. Kate del Castillo does a wonderful job providing her voice.
  7. Thanks to her, she was able to make two young mortals (Manolo and Maria) find true love within each other and later on get married.
  8. She’s always willing to find the good in people, especially her sneaky and evil husband, Xibalba, who rules the Land of the Forgotten.
  9. She knows how to play fair, as shown when she makes wagers with Xibalba.