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Kyle Broflovski is one of the three main protagonists of South Park.

Why He Rocks

  1. He's one of the most iconic and famous South Park characters.
  2. He's also a very smart and A+ student in school and he has a lot of useful and trivial talents.
  3. He has a positive attitude and he's always willing to help his friends out when he needs to.
  4. He's super caring and always polite to his friends and he also believes in working as a team too.
  5. He loves to study, sing, dance and play video games during his free time.
  6. He's also super caring to his family and he's willing to protect his mom. Despite him kicking Ike in the past episodes, he loves and cares for his little brother very much.
  7. His rivalry with Cartman never gets old.
  8. His voice actor, Matt Stone, does a terrific job at providing his voice.
  9. He's also got some awesome quotes like "I learned something today.", the famous "Kick the baby!" whenever he's about to kick Ike, and "You bastards!" whenever Kenny dies.
  10. Like all South Park characters, he's got a cute and unforgettable design.
  11. When something goes wrong, Kyle still maintains as a brave and independent young boy who's determined to get the job done.
  12. He's true companions with his best friend Stan Marsh and their friendship never gets old too.
  13. His alter-ego, Human Kite, is pretty cool.

Bad Qualities

  1. He tends to lose his temper whenever Cartman insults him, picks on him and calls him a Jew. Though, to be fair, it's very understandable for him to lose his temper since Cartman usually starts the fights first.
  2. He has some mean-spirited moments from time to time.


  1. Kyle Broflovski is heavily based on his voice actor and South Park co-creator Matt Stone. (Similarly to Stan being based on the other co-creator, Trey Parker)
    • Coincidentally, he shares the same birthday as Stone.