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Krew is a character in the Jak & Daxter franchise.  He was introduced in Jak II as a racing manager, black marketeer, and the owner of the HIp Hog Haven Saloon in South Town, Haven City.  He's the father of Rayn, who was introduced in Jak X:  Combat Racing--he also appears in that game, but only as a pre-recorded hologram, as he was dead by that point.  

Why He Rocks

  • Great charater design.  
  • Excellent voice acting.  
  • Extremely intimidating presence, everything from his design to his voice to his actions lends to this.  
  • One of the best villains in the entire  Jak & Daxter frachise.  He's easily up there with Gol & Mai and Baron Praxis.  
  • Extremely funny, in a dark, cynical sort of way.  
  • Amazing boss fight towards the end of Jak II.  
  • Despite the way he looks, he somehow managed to produce a smoking hot daughter, (Rayne).