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Keira is one of the supporting characters of the Jak & Daxter series, who appears in Jak & Daxter:  The Precursor Legacy, (2001), Jak II, (2003), Jak 3, (2004), Jak X:  Combat Racing, (2007), and Jak & Daxter:  The Lost Frontier, (2010).  She's good friends with Daxter, the love interest of Jak, and the daughter of Samos Hagai.  

Why She Rocks

  • Very sexy.  
  • Great voice acting, especially when Tarra Strong takes over.  
  • Her relationship with Jak is incredibly adorable.  
  • She cares deeply about those close to her.  Not just Jak, but Samos, her father, and even Daxter, even though he can annoy her at times.  
  • She's crucial in The Precursor Legacy, as she's the one who invents the Zoomer and the Teleportation Pads, and to a lesser extent in Jak II, as she invents the Rift Rider.  
  • Her and Jak finally kissed at the end of Jak X, and then again in The Lost Frontier, one of the few good things about that latter game.  

Bad Qualilties

  • She's sidelined throughout the majority of Jak 3, where she doesn't do anything useful, and has very few lines.  
  • Additionaly, for some reasons he was dropped in Jak 3 as the love interest in favor of Asheline Praxis, although she was put back in that position again in Jak X, thankfully.