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Kathy Selden is a supporting protagonist of the 1952 musical film Singin' in the Rain. She's Don Lockwood's girlfriend and later one of partners and co-stars.

She was portrayed by the late Debbie Reynolds.

Why She Rocks

  1. Debbie Reynolds does a memorable performance as Kathy.
  2. She as a character is pretty unique among women during musicals of the era. She's strong, independent and never gives up her feminine traits despite spending a lot of time with Don and Cosmo.
  3. Despite having similar traits as Don (ex: lying about her career to make herself look good, wanting to be a true star) she still has additional traits which make her an individual character.
  4. She's selfless and caring, as shown when she found out about Lina's squeaky voice and offered to dub her voice for her.
  5. She's shown to be a excellent performer when we see her do All I Do is Dream of You and Beautiful Girl.
  6. She and Don have a touching and loving relationship with each other. They had a musical number together and the two of them became partners after Don exposed Kathy of being the real star of the film.
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