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Karen Richards is a supporting protagonist of the 1950 film All About Eve. She's the wife of the playwright Lloyd Richards, and Margo Channing's closest friend.

She was portrayed by Celeste Holm.

Why She Rocks

  1. Celeste Holm does a fairly memorable performance as Karen. Sure, she may not be as memorable as Anne Baxter, Bette Davis, or George Saunders, but she's still noteworthy in her own way.
  2. Considering the film takes place in a story were all the major characters are actors, directors and writers, Karen's the closest thing the movie has to a normal person -- instantly making her relatable has she calls herself "the lowest form of celebrity."
  3. She's a very caring and sensitive woman to the point where she's one of the kindest characters in the movie. Although considering who she's surrounded by, it's hard for her not to be this.
  4. She's a close and supportive friend to Margo, who trusts Karen enough that she can speak her mind. When Margo starts drinking martinis after getting jealous at all the attention Eve was getting, Karen knows something's up with her.
  5. She's also not afraid to stand her ground as shown when she defended her husband, saying his play was "fine and distinguished" and then there's when she gets tired of her friends always getting mistreated by Margo and creates a plan to trick her into miss a performance, and letting Eve stand in for her. (Of course, this was before she knew about Eve's true intentions but still.) Not to mention immediately turning against Eve when she finds out about her true intentions.

Bad Qualities

  1. As stated above, her willingness to invite Eve into the theater kickstarted the plot, and most of Eve's manipulations wouldn't be possible without her, showing how her kindness will often overcome her. (Then again, Eve is super cunning, so it could have happened to anyone.)