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Hello. I am Kane. I lead the Brotherhood of Nod, and am the real hero of the Tiberian series of Command & Conquer. GDI claims me and a Joseph D. Kucan are the same person, but they are lying. For those who think that I think I’m God Himself, I’m simply a close second.

Why I Rock

  1. They say I’m a very charismatic figure. Considering how much I’ve been known to manipulate events to the Brotherhood’s advantage, they may be onto something.
  2. I am such a magnificent hero, especially to my Brotherhood.
  3. My speeches are so great, they’re known to cause earthquakes to punctuate my sentences.
  4. GDI claims that this Kucan man is a great actor for me.
  5. No matter how much GDI tries to get rid of me and my Brotherhood, I always persevere, even more determined than ever to crush them once and for all.
  6. As long as you remain on my good side, I rarely lose my cool.
  7. One thing GDI complements me for is inventing. Weapons are my specialty.
  8. Contrary to what those terrorists at GDI say, I do care for my followers.
  9. I actually helped humanity develop as a species, which makes GDI even worse.