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Kai-Lan Chow (Chinese: 凯兰) is the main character of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan. She is voiced by Chinese-American actress Jade Lianna-Peters.

"Ni hao, I'm Kai-Lan!"

Why She Rocks

  1. She is adorable!
  2. Her voice is very sweet and soothing.
  3. She is eager to share her culture, language and playtime with the viewers.
  4. She talks to the audience in a more respectful and fluent way than Dora the Explorer.
  5. She is playful and adventurous.
  6. She is not only a great leader, but she is also a caring and affectionate friend.
  7. She has a gift of helping her friends when they really need it.
  8. She has a habit for saying cute quotes to the audience, such as "You make my heart really happy."

Bad Quality

  1. Sometimes her fourth-wall breaking can be annoying rather than charming.