Cameron "June" Bailey is the main protagonist of the theatrical Nickelodeon movie, Wonder Park. Inspired by her own mother, she uses her endless creativity to the fullest and in the form of a fantastical amusement park.

She is voiced by newcomer Brianna Denski in the film and Kitana Turnbull in the follow-up television series.

Why She Rocks

  1. She has an appealing design.
  2. At the start of the film, she lost confidence in her imagination after separated from her mother. When she got paired with the Wonderland gang, she, fortunately, regains it.
  3. Brianna Denski does a fantastic job voicing her.
  4. She has a creative imagination such as a fish-themed roundabout that goes super fast as a rocket.
  5. Her orange fox jacket symbolizes her cocky, cunning personality.
  6. She had the talent and handiwork to make stunt ramps of her own design.
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