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Judith "Judy" Neutron is a major character from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius.

She is Jimmy's protective mother and Hugh Neutron's wife. Unlike her husband, she is strict, overprotective, and a neat freak.

Why She Rocks

  1. She is just as likable and unforgettable as other characters, such as her aforementioned husband, where Judy is the embodiment of the typical '50s housewife who's concerned with keeping the house clean as her goal, in general, is to keep Jimmy out of trouble and misbehavior like a good and responsible parent.
  2. Speaking of which, she is quite intelligent and is implied to be where Jimmy got his genius intellect from. She has saved Jimmy and his friends from danger on more than one occasion. After Jimmy created a robot called the Maternotron to replace Judy while she's on vacation, Judy arrived just in time to defeat the robot after it became overbearing and dangerous. During this incident, she is shown to have inventions of her own, pulling a highly advanced blasting ray out of the closet to put an end to the Maternotron.
    • She proved herself to be very resourceful as she was also able to track Jimmy and his friends after they get lost during a camping trip due to a tracking device she put in Hugh's skin.
  3. She's got her awesome moments in the TV series, especially her heroic and hammy portrayal as Mighty Mom in the Power Hour special, where she is brainwashed by Timmy to be a superhero that recognizes Hugh as her sidekick named Lint Boy, yet is still there to protect her son.
  4. She is very well-intentioned within her sensible nature. She isn't afraid to discipline Jimmy when putting himself or others' lives in danger, but she is also supportive and heavily cares for Jimmy in a confident manner.
    • Her alter-ego as Mighty Mom is just as righteous since her goal is to keep domestic order, where she is strong and tough because she was shown to be a great combat fighter.
  5. She is often the voice of reason to Hugh. Where she can sometimes gets a bit irritable and frustrated with Hugh's idiocy, but she still loves & respects him as a sign of her notable optimism.
  6. Like Nicole Watterson: She is a very responsible person, and one of the few serious characters on the show. She is also protective of her son.
  7. With this in mind. After all, without her, Jimmy and Hugh's lives would fall to pieces. Showing how important she is to them.
  8. She has shown to be lovingly playful with Hugh and rarely fights with him.
  9. Her baking and cooking skills are so top-notch that Carl continues to hilariously fawn over the way she makes her cookies.
    • With that said, her personality is quite attractive all things considered. Much to the point that Carl (Jimmy's friend) even thinks this way about her.
  10. She has a good character design.
  11. Megan Cavanagh does an amazing job at voicing her.

Bad Qualities

  1. While nowhere near as much of a ditz as Hugh Neutron is, she can still have her ditzy moments (e.g mistaking Jimmy for Timmy in the Power Hour special) or not being as wise sometimes when danger arises, which can allow her to be easily manipulated by others, much to the point that Jimmy saves his parents from potential danger (e.g reversing the brainwashing effect that Evil Jimmy had them being mindless in an episode).
    • She (along with Hugh) don't always trust Jimmy with whatever happens as potential danger (e.g she and Hugh not believing Jimmy for not sabotaging the gifts he had to share with the family in the episode "Clash of The Cousins" as they punished Jimmy for the sake of maintaining their image around Jimmy's wealthy aunt Amanda).
  2. She has been hypnotized countless times.
  3. She can be very stressed out or overworking herself with being a responsible parent, which while relatable with many cartoon moms out there, which can easily make anyone feel for her when she is typically overprotective and very concerned for Jimmy's safety and whatnot.