Johnnie Gray is the main protagonist of the 1927 silent film, The General. He's a Southern railway engineer. He was portrayed by Buster Keaton.

Why He Rocks

  1. Buster Keaton does an incredible job portraying him, plus its considered his defining film role.
  2. His face and character is ideal for the film, considering it's meant to be a comedy.
  3. Keaton didn't have a stunt double, and CGI didn't exist yet. Which means, all of the stunts Gray portrayed in the film, were completely real, and dramatic.
  4. Despite his cowardly appearance, he's proven to be fearless, persistent, and willing to do whatever it takes to protect his loved one, and the titular locomotive.
  5. He was very resourceful at times such as when he used water tanks, a large piece of timber, a cowcatcher, a rolling artillery cannon on wheels, and unattached railroad cars.
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