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John Lloyd Sullivan (born in 1909) is the titular protagonist of the 1941 comedy film Sullivan's Travels. He's a successful film director most known for his lighthearted comedies and musicals, he decided to experience various hardships in order to make a socially-conscious film.

He was portrayed by Joel McCrea.

Why He Rocks

  1. He was one of the most well-known and successful directors of his time.
  2. He was stated to be very educated and smart, as he got to go to boarding school when he was 13, and started his film directing business in his early 20s.
  3. Despite all of his wealth and fame, he manages to stay pretty down on earth most of the time and is very respectful and considerate to his crew, workers and even others around him
    1. He even handed out five-dollar bills to various poor tramps during the third act.
  4. He gets loads of great slapstick and comedy scenes, especially in his disguises.
  5. The film's third act had him knocked out, robbed of his money, tossed onto a freight car, struck with temporary amnesia and thrown in a labor camp, which he handled pretty decently.
  6. His relationship with Veronica Lake's character (simply known as "The Girl") is very sweet and felt very genuine, even moreso than his actual wife.