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Joey LaMotta is a supporting character of the 1980 film Raging Bull, directed by Martin Scorsese. He is based on the real life boxer of the same name. He's Jake LaMotta's younger brother and closest boxing manager. He's based on the real life Joey LaMotta, and an amalgam of two characters from the autobiography Raging Bull: My Story.

He was portrayed by Joe Pesci.

Why He Rocks

  1. His relationship with his older his brother is pretty much the heart of the movie, while Jake's actual triumphs in the ring are of little moment save to flesh out a portrait of a man caught in the undertow of his own nature.
  2. Joe Pesci pulls off an incredible fast-talking performance as the manager brother of the lead character.
  3. Even though he's a crude, violent chick magnet occasionally (and drops a LOT of F-bombs), he's also surprisingly the more reasonable LaMotta sibling. As Jake's manager he's basically a restraining bolt for Jake, trying intermittently to keeps the latter grounded. He's basically this only reason Jake didn't get even more out of control, including towards Vickie.
  4. He's a pretty talented strategist and a great training partner towards Jake as he knows how to organize Jake's battles and studies and analyses the opponents' traits fairly closely, and often serves as a literal punching bag for Jake.
  5. Being close to Jake all the time, he would constantly have to deal with Jake's various forms of abuse and his paranoia and superstitions, and he's the only one who's got the courage to speak out against Jake and his violent nature, and he's definitely not afraid to try weakening his ego.