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Jerry Travers and Dale Tremont are the two main protagonists of the 1935 comedy-musical Top Hat. Jerry's a celebrated Broadway dancer who develops a crush on Dale after they randomly meet each other. Dale's a fashion model who works with Alberto Beddini and mistakes Jerry for her friend's husband.

Jerry was portrayed by Fred Astaire and Dale was portrayed by Ginger Rogers.

Why They Rock


  1. They've both shown to be incredible dancers as shown in "Isn't This a Lovely Day?" and "Cheek to Check". In fact, both of them were able to match each dance moves nearly perfectly.
  2. Another thing that makes these to stand out is the fact that Astaire and Rogers did various dance numbers in a single take seemingly flawlessly, without stopping to breathe. Back in the 30s, this was a big deal and various dancers had to shoot various frames or stop to breathe. So breaking those traditions for these numbers was amazing for it's time, which only makes "Isn't This a Lovely Day?" "Top Hat, White Tie, and Tails" and "Piccolino" even more impressive.
  3. As usual, Astaire and Rogers are incredible partners in their roles.
  4. "Check to Check" is often considered one of the duo's most iconic numbers ever.

Jerry Travers

  1. His occasional "dance attacks" are nice little bits of comedy that help lighten the mood occasionally. Speaking of which...
  2. Aside from his good-looks and talented skills, he also has a pretty charming demeanor and is pretty considerate when he's not acting weird. The is shown when he protects and comforts Dale during a thunderstorm or when a he suggested to Bates to order a steak for Horace's black eye.
  3. He's been a stage performer in various different countries, and is very successful.

Dale Tremont

  1. She's has various nice moments of comedy as well, in fact she snarks so often it's pretty much second nature to her.
  2. Even though we don't get to see much of it, we can assume that she talented and well-known fashion model.
  3. Aside from Jerry, she also has a great friendship with her friend, Madge Hardwick.

Bad Qualities

  1. Jerry's obsession over Dale can be a bit disturbing at times.