Jerry (Some Like It Hot)

""I'm a girl...I'm a girl...I'm a girl.""

Jerry (known as Daphne in his female disguise) is one of the two main protagonists of the 1959 comedy film, Some Like It Hot. He's a male bass player who, along with Joe, disguises himself as a woman to escape a gangster mob after they catch them witnessing a massacre.

He was portrayed by Jack Lemmon.

Why He Rocks

  1. Lemmon did a number hilarious and compelling performance as both sides of his character. (It's one of his best roles along with C. C. Baxter) Especially as "Daphne".
  2. As Jerry, he shown as the sane member of the main duo, who's constantly paranoid about his surroundings. Even as "Daphne", he initially tried not to stand out.
  3. As a musician, he's very talented as a bass player as shown during some of the band scenes and at the beginning of the film.
  4. The scenes where he sinks super deep into his "woman" act, and forgets about his true gender are hilarious. Not to mention his moments with Osgood and falling in love with him.
  5. Despite all of his mischievous moments, he's still very caring and sensitive. Certain examples include him covering for Sugar when she got caught drinking or when he trying to cancel his relationship with Osgood due to their gender.
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