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XJ9, also known as Jennifer "Jenny" Wakeman is the main heroine in My Life as a Teenage Robot. She is voiced by Janice Kawaye

Why She's Great

  1. She is a very emotional character.
  2. She's very affectionate and friendly. She is kind towards Brad, Tuck, Sheldon and her mother Nora Wakeman.
  3. She is always animated well.
  4. Notably she learns from her mistakes.
  5. She has an excellent character design.
  6. She saves the world and works very hard.
  7. The viewers can feel sympathy for her. Saving the world tires her out and she just wants to live a normal life like a teenage girl. She is also mistreated by the Crust cousins.
  8. She is voiced very well by Janice Kawaye.
  9. She's a relatable teenager.
  10. She has many cool and creative weapons and functions.
  11. She has language OS discs that make her speak other languages including Japanese, which was demonstrated in "Speak No Evil".

Bad Qualities

  1. She can be mean at times and very violent. She can also be way too protective at times and suspicious of others.
  2. She can be sometimes vain.
  3. She was a jerk to Melody and made her sad. This can be maybe a bit understandable to an extent since she was the daughter of her nemesis, but it's pointless to immediately judge somebody like that, and she was still a huge jerk.
  4. She has been treated as a punching bag severely in some episodes. Some characters are also very mean towards her.
  5. In the episode "Girl of Steal" she stole a Musique music player on one occasion and lied so many times, but at least she later told the truth and returned it to the store.