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Jefferson Smith is the main protagonist of the 1939 Frank Capra film Mr. Smith Goes to Washington He's newly appointed United States Senator after Sam Foley suddenly passed away, and fought against a corrupt political system,

Why He Rocks

  1. Even before he's introduced, he was the leader of the Boy Rangers, and put out a large forest fire on his own.
  2. He's very optimistic and generous throughout the film.
  3. Despite having no political experience, he still managed to do a decent job as a Senate, as he wanted to set up a Boy Ranger camp so the scouts could go out into nature.
  4. He's shown to be a serious determinator. During the filibuster he managed to go nearly 24 hours without sitting down or leaving the room, just so he clear his name after Paine framed him, and to make sure his camp got set up. It's enough to give Captain America a run for his money.
  5. Not only is he inspired by the American culture in the Lincoln Memorial, he's also fair and respectful as shown during the Gettysburg Address scene.
  6. His speech in the filibuster was very inspirational.