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Jean Bison is a character in the Sly Cooper franchise.  He's a member of the KLAWW Gang in Sly 2:  Band of Thieves, (2004), serving as the fourth boss battle in the series, and the first in the series and only in this game that you fight solely as Bentley.  

Why He Rocks

  • Incredible voice acting by Ross Douglass, whose also known for providing voices in several other video games, and anime English dubs.  
  • Probably one of the physically strongest enemies that the Cooper Gang has ever gone up against.  
  • He has a lot of really funny moments, such as when he's humorously mispronouncing words, or when he's hit by Bentley during the boss battles, or when he can be heard over the safe house intercom.  
  • Even though he's not usually depicted as the brightest character, he does have his intelligent moments.  For example, he was the first villain in the series to locate the safe house, which allowed him to steal the Clockwerk parts away.  This didn't happen again until General Tsao, and never again after that.  
  • He was also able to assess the value of the Clockwerk parts, and sell them to Arpeggio.  
  • He's also the first villain to see through the Cooper Gang's disguises; once again, this didn't happen again until General Tsao, and never again after that.  
  • Awesome character design, which is able to come off as a combination of both humorous but also extremely badass.  
  • His boss fight with Bentley is very unique, even if it's way too easy.  

Bad Qualities

  • He isn't the brightest villlain, and shows a lot of prejustice, which ultimately caused him to underestimate Bentley and be defeated.  
  • His boss fight with Bentley was way too easy, one of the easiest in the entire series; although a silver lining was that it was very unique.  


  • It's tough bein' this tough, it sure is, yeah.  
  • Common Jean, ya got it in ya, these lumberjack games needs some more comepetition, eh?  What would attract the participants?  BULLSEYE!  I should hoast the Clockwerk Talons as a trophy, that should bring in the competition.  Ah well, who am I kiddin', eh?  Imma gonna win just like every other year, ha ha ha!  
  • Think ya got what it takes to win the Clockwerk Talons, eh?  Well, I'm sure enough gonna let ya play, so long as you pay the entre fee.  
  • Enjoy the moment while ya think ya still got the chance!  It's as close to winnin' as you'll ever get!  This year's first competition is the power loggin' contest!  Not like anyone's gonna ever beat my record, but, let'em try.  
  • Not bad hippo, but watch and learn, as I derstroy that log without even breakin' a sweat!  
  • What!?  I think you better rethink them scores, boys.  What you intended to give me was perfect tens.  RIGHT!?  
  • So, your pink friend knows how to handle an axe.  Let's see how you handle a vertical wall of ice!  
  • Not bad for a scrawny raccoon, but watch and learn as I show you the art of POWER CLIMBIN'!  
  • It seems you boys have pulled the wrong cards again.  Did I ever tell you boys the store about the judges from last year's compeition who mistakingly gave me a score other than ten?  
  • It would appear we're tied, with only one event to go!  Unfortunately for you, I saved my best event for the last, the spinnin' log competition.  
  • You're one lucky turtle, I'll give you that.  
  • I thought I warne dyou jdudges about the consequences for "incorrect" scores.  Hey.  Wait a minute.   You're not the judges I hired.  It's the scrawny raccoon and his annoying friends!  Well, if you want the talons then why don't you just TAKE'EM!  
  • Well there, candy britches!  Figured a puny turtle like you would find a rat hole to squirm through.  
  • I ain't like you boy, I ain't stoopid.  Me and my boys paid a visit to your hideout and found all them Clockwerk parts.  Lucky thing to, Arpeggio was willin' to plump down a Kings RANSOM for the whole lot.  I even threw in the talons.  
  • I wouldn't expect your kind to understand the finer points of commerce.  You turtles are too stoopid to know a wood cu tter from a wood chuck.  
  • Okay walnut, get ready for a smushin'.  
  • Common boys, let's get this varment!  
  • Common boys, let's get ta killin'!  
  • Tarnation!  I was done in by some four-eyed turtle!?  Times have changed.  


  • In promotional materials, his name was spelled "Jean-Bison."
  • Bison is the only villain not to be arrested, incarcerated or deceased at the end of Sly 2.[6]
    • He is also the only villain in the series to reform his criminal ways without having been incarcerated beforehand. In fact, there is no indication that he was ever captured or even taken into custody after he was defeated by the Cooper Gang.[7]
  • Jean Bison thawed out in 1972.[1]
  • Jean is one of three characters whose species is included in their name, the others being the Panda King and Carmelita Fox.
  • Bison's weapon bears a resemblance to Slaigh MacCooper's weapon.
  • Bison's logging camp, along with the Contessa's estate and Mz. Ruby's swamp, is one of the paintings in Octavio's coffee houses.[8]
  • In his cabin in Nunavut Bay, Bison can be engaged in combat, but he has no health bar, and as such, he can not be defeated here.
    • Though Murray can knock him into the air and burn him, it still has no effect. If Sly or Bentley engage him, he makes noises similar to Dimitri when hits are being delivered.
  • Bison is one of nine villains never to fight Sly alone; the others being Rajan, Arpeggio, Octavio, the Mask of Dark Earth,[9] LeFweeWildman WeeznerGrizz, and the Moat Monster.
  • In the opening sequence of the character, Bison is shown frozen. The music and scene itself is a reference to the final scene in 1980 Stanley Kubrick's The Shining.
  • He is the only Klaww Gang member not referenced at all in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time.
  • In Menace from the North, eh!, he may say over the safe house radio "My back is killin' me!" This may be in reference to his hunchbacked posture.
  • He is the first villain in the whole series who had managed to see through one of the gang's Disguises.[10] The second one was General Tsao, who saw through Sly's photographer disguise, as mentioned in the second half of their battle.[11] Coincidentally, both of them are also the only villains to discover the safe house.
  • Bison is the first boss to be defeated by Bentley; the second being the Black Knight.
  • He often uses the term "boys" when addressing his guards. The ones he recruited could possibly always be males.
  • Jean is the second oldest villain in the series after Clockwerk. He was born in the 1820s, then frozen during the Gold Rush and thawed out 120 years later.

All Appearances

  • Sly 2:  Band of Thieves (2004)
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