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Jak, (birth name Mar), is the main protagonist and titular character in the video game franchise Jak & Daxter, who is playable in all of them except for the PSP spinoff game Daxter.  These games include  Jak & Daxter:  The Precursor Legacy, (2001), Jak II, (2002), Jak 3, (2004), Jak X:  Combat Racing, (2007), and Jak & Daxter:  The Lost Frontier, (2010).  He also has a role in Playstation Move Heroes (2011), and Playstation All Stars Battle Royale (2012).  

Why He Rocks

  • Incredibly appealing character design.  
  • Great voice acting in most of the games, (except for The Lost Frontier, and also Daxter, because he doesn't have any lines in that game).  
  • Likable personality.  He's always willing to put his neck out to help others, except for a brief moment in Jak 3.  
  • Amazingly skillful in combat. 
  • Mike Erwin does a fantastic job voicing Jak.
    • In Jak and Daxter:  The Precursor Legacy, he demonstrates martial arts skills, driving capabilities, and the ability to control a bird called the Flut Flut.  
    • In Jak II, his ability to use Guns are added to his skillset.  
    • In Jak 3, the wasteland vehicles are added to his skillset.  
  • He cares very much for those around him, especially Daxter, Kiera, and Samos Hagai.  
  • DARK JAK!!!
  • LIGHT JAK!!!

Bad Qualities

  • He acts incredibly out of character in the games Jak & Daxter:  The Lost Frontier, Playstation Move Heroes, and Playstation All Stars Battle Royale.  
  • In Jak 3, he acts really angsty, which makes sense considering he was betrayed by Haven City, the people he fought to protect, but the problem is that he started to hate even his close friends, who fought to defend him, and when he changed his mind and decided to go save Haven City again, it seemed really out of nowhere.  
  • On a similar note, in Jak II, at first he hated Haven City, but then decided  that they're worth fighting for out of nowhere.  
  • They changed his voice in The Lost Frontier, and the voice acting, while not terrible, is definitely lackluster.  


  • I'm gonna kill Praxis!  
  • The city threw me out, remember?  They can rot for all I care.  
  • I'm through saving the world.  
  • This place is worth fighting for.  
  • You need to work on making a better first impression.