Jack Skellington is the main protagonist in the stop-motion classic film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. He holds the title of Pumpkin king in Halloweentown & brought Christmas to the same town. He also appeared in Kingdom Hearts to help Sora, Donald and Goofy defeat the heartless. His love interest is Sally.

Why He Rocks

  1. He's kind, caring, compassionate and loyal to the people around him.
  2. He is an excellent singer. His most notable songs include "What's This? What's This?"
  3. His memorable design which include a black pinstripe tuxedo, long legs, a spider bow tie and a wide smile.
  4. He enjoys sharing the same joy he had with others, especially Sally.
  5. He had proven to show courage when he has to foil Oogie Boogie's evil plan in the film's climax.
  6. His Pumpkin King persona (as well as the song "This is Halloween") really brings out the feel to Halloween.
  7. He has multiple Funko Pops of himself. These include a diamond version of himself and him dressed as a snowman.
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