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Isabel Minafer (née Amberson) is a supporting character in the 1942 Orson Welles film The Magnificent Ambersons. She's the widowed mother of George Minafer and the daughter of Major Amberson.

She was portrayed by Dolores Costello in one of her final acting roles.

Why She Rocks

  1. Like a lot of the other film's performances, Dolores Costello is amazing and memorable in her brief appearances.
  2. She's probably the most generous, dependable and respectable member of the Amberson family, considering her son's egotistical and self-centered and her sister-in-law is prove to having sudden outbursts.
  3. During her opening scenes, she had been shown to have unfortunate beginnings as she was forced into a relationship and eventually relationship with Wilber Minafer, whom she didn't care about. Then to make up for her lack of love toward her husband, she had transferred her love to her son giving him complete admiration and trust. Unfortunately, she ends up going a bit too far with that part to the point where he grows up to be an arrogant man-child. (See Bad Quality #1) Although this adds to how tragic her life has been.
  4. After the death of her husband, she was able to share a very loving and fascinating relationship with Eugune Morgan which is both touching and symbolic in a way.
  5. She may not be a very good mother most of the time, but she still manages to do a decent job to maintaining the mansion and looking after her son, and she does want what's but for him.
  6. Her eventual death is not only very depressing, but symbolic as it serves as one of the many domino effects caused by George's selfishness and refusal to adjust to the times.

Bad Qualities

  1. As previously stated in reason #3, her deep admiration and respect for her son turns her into a pushover in the process and it allows George to grow up spoiled and disrespectful. So in a way, she's got a bit of parenting issues.
  2. She had recklessly spent her money on her trip to Europe in the third act or otherwise on son, make her part of the problem with the Amberson's decaying fortune near the ending.