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Huw Morgan is the narrator and main protagonist of the 1939 novel, How Green Was My Valley and its 1941 film adaptation of the same name. He's one of the youngest children of the Morgan family - a Welsh family that lives and works in the mining community.

He was by portrayed by Roddy McDowall as a child, and his adult self was voiced by Irving Pichel in the 1941 film adaptation.

Why He Rocks

  1. Despite being one of the youngest kids in the Morgan family, he's very mature and respectful to his family.
  2. He may not work in the coal mines as often as his father and older brothers, but he still does his share of work within the village.
  3. He's also brave and loyal to his close ones. A textbook example of this is when he immediately came to his mother's aid when she slips into an icy pond, even though it paralyzed his legs for a few months. That takes serious courage.
  4. Roddy McDowall does a near-perfect performance of Huw in the film, and completely sells all of his dramatic moments.
  5. Huw incredibly smart for his young age. His academic ability set him apart from his elder brothers and enables him to go to school. He even got a graduation certificate and made honors within a few months of schooling. He was nearly a child prodigy.
  6. Good character development from him. As both the book and the film progress, he gets to take more active roles within his family's hardships and looks back on how as village used to be before things got bad.