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"Hey look at all the pie! YES! I will do it! I! WILL! LLLLLIIIIIIIIIIVVVEEE!!!"

Hugh Beaumont Neutron is a major character in the Jimmy Neutron franchise.

Hugh Neutron is Jimmy Neutron's father. He is portrayed as a clueless, stupid, and dim-witted person who is obsessed with ducks, his wife's toast, and pies and fools around with Jimmy's inventions, which causes trouble for Jimmy and everyone else. Other than that, however, he is a typical father who has a piece of advice for Jimmy. In the movie, he was fairly intelligent, but for the rest of the franchise, he's become more bumbling and incompetent than before.

Why He Rocks

  1. He’s just as likable and unforgettable as other characters such as Carl Wheezer and Sheen Estevez, who is also a comic-relief character.
  2. Speaking of which, he is one of the most forgivable examples of the typical “dumb dad” trope. As he is shown to deeply love and care for his son, and the things he does are usually related to the plots of the episodes in question rather than just for running gags. In contrast to many other dad characters of fiction, who are all either abusive or otherwise neglectful towards their children in their own respective ways.
    • With that said, the way he cares for both his son and family is very charming, especially where Hugh would do anything in his own form of 'wisdom' to help him, no matter how foolish or dorky he makes himself out to be. And the ways he affectionately refers to his wife Judy as his "Sugarbooger" are very iconic and cute.
  3. Like Shaggy, John Marston, Donkey, and Carl Johnson: He has many memorable catchphrases and lines of dialogue, such as “*gasp* Sir. QuacksALot!”, “Oh, Goddard... Not on the porch!”, “CRAB GRAAAAASS!!!!!”, “Mornin' Wheezer! Mornin' Squirrel! Mornin', two-ton space rock hurtling down on my h- Aaah!”, and most especially, “Who's the super cool cop that always gets the bad guys? Donut Boy! That's me! Yeah! He brings a delicious assortment of...sweet delights! Donut Boy! Got a creamy filling!”.
  4. Like Bullwinkle J. Moose: Despite his stupidity, he is usually very good-natured.
  5. He's got his awesome moments in the TV series, ranging from fighting mutant crabgrass to scaring off a bear with a torch. It shows that while Hugh may be an idiot, if anyone threatens his son when Hugh's around, this would be where he shows how badass he is.
  6. His love for pie and ducks is very charming and iconic.
  7. Mark DeCarlo does an amazing job at portraying/voicing the character.
  8. He has a good character design.
  9. He is extremely hilarious and also has many hilarious moments that are flat-out memorable because of his quirks, such as his talented 'Donut Boy' persona for example.
    • Like many idiot characters such as Goofy and Stimpy: He always presented his idiocy hilariously.
    • Also, a bit like Brak: He had an upgrade to his character to give him more personality than before. Where Hugh went from being a typical "father knows best" type of character in the 2001 film (if having average intelligence) and now into the hilarious, quirky ditz we all know and love because of his reduced intelligence.
  10. Because of this, he sometimes steals the show with his comically eccentric behavior or his random sayings he tries giving as his own form of advice to Jimmy, which comes off as insanely hilarious.
    • With this in mind, his quirkiness can come off as endearing as well.

Bad Qualities

  1. His stupidity can cause trouble, especially when he screws around with Jimmy's inventions for no good reason.
    • Especially when he can cause the episode's problem because of his childishness.
    • Likewise, he can be too childish because of his idiocy.
    • He (along with Judy) don't always trust Jimmy with whatever happens as potential danger (e.g he and Judy not believing Jimmy for not sabotaging the gifts he had to share with the family in the episode "Clash of The Cousins" as they punished Jimmy for the sake of maintaining their image around Jimmy's wealthy aunt Amanda).
  2. He can do some gross, repulsive stuff such as belching when it pertains to gross-out humor with being disgusting.
  3. He usually leaves Judy to do the disciplinary actions prior to his cluelessness.


  • Because of his hilarious quirks and eccentricities, he became very memetic.
  • Like Jimmy, Carl, and Sheen, Hugh is best friends with Mr. Estevez and Mr. Wheezer. This could explain how and why Carl and Sheen are shown to be big fans of Hugh himself (albeit Carl being hilariously attracted to Jimmy's mom aside from that).