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"Silence, worm!"

Hi. I'm Horrid Henry. I am the main character of the series of the same name and I am portrayed as a determined and relentless young boy. I believe that life is unfair as the rest of the world is against me, so I fight "against the tyranny of adults". I am resistant to defeat as teachers, relatives and babysitters in the series try their best to avoid me. Even my parents argue over whose turn it is to look after me.

Why I Rock

  1. I am funny most of the time. Like for example, I tend to pull troublesome but hilarious pranks on people just for fun.
  2. I most of the time have a point that my parents never do anything I say and Peter does everything.
    1. Heck, my Mum is so lazy she even makes me wrap MY Christmas presents. Now that's not fair, is it?
  3. My insults for Peter, "Worm" and "Smelly Nappy Baby", are really intelligent and funny.
  4. I know how to backfire my younger brother Perfect Peter who is extremely annoying, despite him always tattletaling on me just for that.
  5. I know how to fight my horrible, moody neighbor Moody Margaret, even if I end up losing to her at times.
  6. I am more likable than any other character in the show even though I am known as the most horrid kid in my town.
  7. I have the ability to speak out for those who are doing unfair things against me.
  8. Despite my horridness, I do somewhat love and care about my family, as I once saved Peter from getting crushed by a bookcase. I just wouldn't admit it.
  9. I am aware that I need to have as much fun and experience as I can while I am still a kid, which ain't easy considering the circumstances I repeatedly get stuck in.
  10. I'm pretty musically talented, and this is shown when I play the drums in the Killer Boy Rats performance and in the movie where I win the talent show with my band Zero Zombies.

Bad Qualities

  1. I can be a selfish, sociopathic, rude and somewhat evil minded kid who would cross any limit in order to get my way and wouldn't care about anyone else, though this is somewhat justified since my parents don't give me a lot of attention.
  2. I dream of becoming a king and when it happens, I claim I'll execute or banish anyone or anything I hate.
  3. At times I can a be bit unlikable, like hating the opposite gender just like Moody Margaret does, or when my horridness can get a bit too rough, like when I strapped my brother to a tree when I was younger, refusing to take turns, playing with his things without permission, selling him into slavery, ruining my cousins wedding, getting me and my family banned from the supermarket, I guess those are one of the only times I DO deserve to get punished, not that I accept it though.
  4. I suppose my catchphrase "NOOOOOOO!" can be pretty annoying. Sorry, I guess.