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Honoré Lachaille is a minor character of the 1944 novella Gigi, as well as a supporting character of its 1958 film adaptation of the same name. He's the uncle of Gaston Lachaille, and an owner of a sugar heir, who's still full of life.

In the 1958 film, he was portrayed by Maurice Chevalier.

Why He Rocks

  1. Maurice Chevalier's career was basically revitalized in this fairly charming --if sketchy-- role as the senior man with an admiration for Parisian life.
  2. As stated above, Honoré's role in the original novella was expanded in the film version and as a result, he ends up getting promoted to a tour guide at the beginning and a supporting member of the overall story as a strong and interesting foil to his more pessimistic nephew, as Honore is more charmed by every young woman in Paris (in a non-sexual way), to the point were he hosts a party for one on one night, and another party for her sister the next.
  3. Even though he's somewhere into his 70s, you probably wouldn't be able to tell as the old age never slow him down, and he continues to be just as energetic and lively as he was in his prime.
  4. Even with all of the controversy that comes with it today, there's still hardly anymore who'll deny that his opening number, "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" is a very iconic, memorable and unforgettable number as is his other major number “I’m Glad I’m Not Young Anymore.”
  5. He was stated to have left behind the insecurity of his own youth, and doesn't miss being young in the slightest. As a young man, Honoré dated Gigi's grandmother, Inez Alvarez. Seeing her again on the beach at Trouville, it's an occasion to remember the time he almost had true love. He may not remember it perfectly though what is known is that when Honoré realized he was falling in love with her, he had an affair with someone else instead, causing a flicker of regret at what might have been.

Bad Qualities

  1. Most people agree that Honoré as and tends to be very insensitive, considering he felt like 30 was too old for a marriage and insisted that Gaston broke up with Liane in person, rather than by letter like Gaston wanted. And he congratulates Liane on her attempted suicide after the break-up, and planned an eventual split for Gigi and Gaston.