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Homer Simpson (born in May 12th, 1956) is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the American animated sitcom The Simpsons as the patriarch of the eponymous family.

Why He Rocks

  1. He is one of the biggest adult cartoon icons in history.
  2. His iconic "D'oh" catchphrase, which was so popular that it actually became an word in the dictionary as an exclamation.
  3. His famous obsession with donuts is timeless and funny.
  4. He is an extremely caring and loving man when he needs to be, like when he stood up for Ned Flanders, now that's something to show Ned respect for a change.
  5. Homer's stupidity and klutzy moments were always done hilariously.
  6. And in spite of Homer's foolish & comical demeanor, on the intelligence front, when properly motivated or passionate about something, he can be very efficient: across various episodes he's become a top employee for Globex, started a very successful home security business, and was able to trick Mr. Burns into making him CEO of the power plant, which he did in revenge for his rather comprehensive safety report being ignored.
    • Homer can be incredibly intelligent when in various episodes. He speaks several languages, is a Grammy-Award-winning songwriter and musician, a skilled poker player, a master marksman, and may know a bit of astrophysics. He's also juggled many, many careers with varying degrees of success, pulled off a scheme to trick Mr. Burns into making him CEO of the power plant, and formed a security company so successful and efficient that Quimby appointed him chief of police and fired Wiggum. The episode "HOMR" reveals he has a crayon stuck up his nose that limits his brain functionality, but when he has it temporarily removed his IQ jumps 50 points and he realizes his full potential (before having it put back at the end of the episode).
  7. With that said, he can be a great husband and father at times.
  8. He has accomplished some great feats. For example, he once started a buddy cop relationship with Ned Flanders, which is badass.
  9. He was in a great band when he was younger.
  10. His mean-spirited nature can be hilarious, especially when he strangles Bart, and even in the Tracey Ullman show shorts, and also in the first season.
  11. He got upset when he made his first enemy, showing that he does not want to hold grudges with anyone.
  12. Dan Castellaneta's voice role for him is just what an airhead father always says.
  13. He was likable in The Simpsons Movie, as he was his lovable self, compared to seasons 16-30, and the moment where Bart apologizes to him when they think they're going to die is a touching moment.
  14. He was decently likable in seasons 11-15, likable in The Simpsons Movie, and he managed to recover from his flanderization starting with Season 31.

Bad Qualities

  1. He can act insensitive and lazy at times.
  2. Sometimes his mean-spirited nature can be unfunny and just sad. That happens in episodes where he is at his worst. As a matter of fact, he still acts like a Jerkass at times during Seasons 11-15, Season 31 and Season 32.
    • He once made his father lose his own kidneys in Homer Simpson in: "Kidney Trouble" and he didn't care at all about it.
    • One of the worst examples of him being a jerk is in Co-Dependents' Day, in which he frames his own wife as a drunk driver.
  3. He saw some early flanderizations during Seasons 11-15 before being sadly flanderized completely during Season 16 to 30, becoming a moronic idiot who sometimes acts like a selfish jerk. He isn't as horrible as Peter Griffin’s infamous flanderization, but at least Homer can get better. Thankfully, he did recover from flanderization since season 31.