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Now, hanging out with Henry really does feel good.

Turned from sidekick to hero in a good way.

Henry Hart, also known as Kid Danger is the titular protagonist of the show Henry Danger, and a side character in its sequel, Danger Force. This page will focus on his current self, as he improved in seasons 4-5.

Why He Rocks Now

  1. During the final 2 seasons of the show, this version of Henry is a lot more mature than in the first 3 seasons.
  2. He gets character development, as he learns from his mistakes, right his wrongdoings, apologize, and get punishment, showing how much of a better character he’s become.
  3. He has a lot more funny moments and his jokes have improved.
  4. He does many more heroic deeds, which manage to outweigh his bad actions he did during these seasons.
  5. He’s shown to care about his family more, especially to his little sister, Piper, as their bond has grown, like how he managed to protect her from getting her memory erased after finding out he’s Kid Danger, showing that he trusts her with his secret.
  6. Thanks to the qualities above, he has become a much better protagonist.
  7. Jace Norman still does a good job playing as him.
  8. He was at his best in “The Beginning of the End", "Captain Drex", and "The Fate of Danger", where he admits to Ray/Captain Man he wants to be his own hero and not a sidekick, and he managed to prove himself by defeating Drex in a final fight, and then Ray tells him he became a hero, much to his delight. He then continues to fight crime alongside Jasper and Charlotte after Ray leaves.
  9. He is one of the good characters in its spin-off, Danger Force.

Bad Qualities

  1. He was unlikable in the first 3 seasons.
  2. Whenever he’s in his superhero persona, why is he still called Kid Danger, when he should be called Teen Danger or Adult Danger?