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Helen Ramírez is a supporting character of the 1952 Fred Zinnemann film High Noon. She's a half-Mexican salon owner who doesn't get treated as equally the other people of Hadleyville. She's also the ex-wife of Frank Miller and Will Kane, who she had previous relationships with.

Why She Rocks

  1. She, along with Amy Powler broke the western film tradition of females not getting important roles in the story.
  2. She's an amazingly written foil to Amy Powler for multiple reasons.
    • She wears dark clothing, while Amy's clothing is mostly light-colored
    • She's willing to fight for her town and what's right, but Amy's not usually a fan of violence, since it led to her father and brother's death (though she did end up breaking her pacifist code to help protect her husband.)
    • Both of are husbands of Will Kane, but Helen dumped Will when she realized he didn't love her. Amy on the other hand knows about how Will puts his marshal duties ahead of her, but she's patient about it knowing that he means well.
    • Helen's written as a tomboy, while Amy's meant to be feminine.
  3. Considering she's a Mexican woman within a town of mostly Americans, she knows how it feels to be unfairly judged, but she still manages to stay strong and independent.
  4. She also created several establishments that helped the town flourish, and is a partner to local businessmen.
  5. During her scene with Amy, she's shown that she respects Amy's quaker code and understands why she became one, but she still thinks Amy should stand by her husband and protect him, showing that she knows about the importance of her priorities.
  6. Aside from caring about the town's safety, he's one of the only people in the film who knows about how careless and unreliable the people of Hadleyville were, and tried moving out because she thought the town would parish after Will Kane retired as marshal.