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Harold Lamb is the main protagonist of the Harold Lloyd comedy film, The Freshman. He's one of Harold Lloyd's various everyman glasses-wearing roles, as he's an optimistic college underclassman, who strives to be popular, and tries out for the football team.

Why He Rocks

  1. He's considered one of Harold Lloyd's funniest roles to date.
  2. He's very relative and optimistic about trying to be popular, even if it does make him a bit naïve.
  3. He's also pretty good-hearted and caring as he very welcoming to various people he's encountered and Peggy.
  4. He's also shown to be a serious determinator and pretty tough, as he was literally made into a practice dummy during one scene, and somehow he still managed to stay upbeat afterwards.
  5. His famous "introduction jig" scenes.
  6. As shown towards near the ending of the film, we get to see even more of his determination skills. He was stomped on, got a concussion, and went through several other mishaps on the field. Yet somehow, he still made it work.
    1. This is also a case of character development since he had started the film and naïve and not very bright, here he's more knowledgeable than before, but also strong and persistent.
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