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"I'm gonna kick your ass!" - Hank's Catchphrase

"That boy ain't right."

Henry "Hank" Rutherford Hill (born April 15, 1953) is the protagonist of King of the Hill. Hank, along with his family (wife Peggy, son Bobby, and niece Luanne), has a central role in most storylines. Hank's voice is provided by series co-creator Mike Judge. The Economist briefly mentioned him as one of the wisest people on television. He expresses a love of propane, similarly to Anderson's admiration of butane which ironically Hank sees as an inferior gas. Hank is known to threaten people who have ticked him off with him saying, "I'm gonna kick your ass."

Why He Rocks

  1. He is a man of integrity, as he values doing the right thing, even if it means not getting rewarded.
  2. He is a great father to Bobby, as he teaches him important values that the latter eventually takes to heart.
  3. He functions as a straight man to the more wacky characters in the series.
  4. He learns from his mistakes and grows for the better.
  5. He has his comedic moments.
  6. He is a relatable character, as he encounters every situation out of his normalcy with a lack of understanding.
  7. Hank treats everyone around him with genuine respect, even to those who don't show the same gratitude.
  8. He is shown to be a diligent worker.
  9. Unlike many adult cartoon protagonists, who are known for being amoral idiots, Hank is sensible, moralistic, intelligent and wise.
  10. Mike Judge did an excellent job voicing him.

Bad Qualities

  1. Like his friends Bill and Boomhauer, he refuses to tell Dale about his wife Nancy's affair with John Redcorn. While he didn't want to hurt his friend's feelings by revealing the truth, it is nonetheless a betrayal on Hank's part.
  2. While he is nowhere near as violent as Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin, Hank sometimes loses his temper, especially when dealing with the stupidity of others.
  3. Hank can sometimes be close-minded of things he doesn't understand.
  4. He was at his absolute worst in "Uh-Oh Canada" where he shows some unnecessary hatred for his new Canadian Neighbors for barely any good reason. Likewise, he has done some other bad things, most notably, he gave his own son 10 packs of cigars so then in later life, it wouldn't effect him that much in later years.