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Hana (巻機山花, Makihatayama Hana) is a baby entrusted to Doremi and the other apprentices after they witnessed her birth from the Blue Rose, signifying her as the future Witch Queen. In Dokkan Hana uses magic to grow older so that she can join the girls and become the final Apprentice to join the group.


Although Onpu was really busy when she was little, Hana is very fond of Onpu and loves their special bonding time whenever Onpu made up for it by spending the evening with her so frequently. She's very curious about the things around her like Lilly, Kirby, Cream, and Cheese. When she grew up, she starts to enjoy girly things like Ami Onuki, Momoko Akatsutsumi (Blossom), Amy Rose, Jenny, Clover, Sam, Alex, Noelle, Cloud E. Sky, Minit's, Cartoon Network, and Miyako Gotokuji (Bubbles). She never gets along with Kaoru Matsubara (Buttercup).


Hana in her usual outfit.

She has short curled pigtails with Doremi-style bangs. No bangs and puffed pigtails on top of her head. No bangs with long, puffy pigtails at the bottom of her head. As a baby, she wears a pink baby bodysuit with a bib. And as a kid, she wears a shirt with two pink flowers, wears shorts with two pink pockets, and wears two yellowish orange shoes.

Origin Show

Hana appears in Ojamajo Doremi in March 25th, 2000 when she was a baby. She then later appears in Power Friends in 2020.


Hana shares her relationships with Doremi, Onpu, Aiko, Hazuki, Momoko Asuka, Pop (mostly), Lilly, and Kirby.

She appears in Ojamajo Doremi Sharp, and Power Friends.