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Her Boyfriend Lucky

"Oh, Lucky! Why did you go off on your own? I am so mad right now."

Hammie as Chameleon Green.

Hammie (ハミィ Hamī) is the green ranger of the 41st Super Sentai team, Uchu Sentai Kyuranger. She is portrayed by Sakurako Okubo.

Why She Rocks

  1. Hammie has one of the most adorable designs, both in human and ranger form.
  2. Continuing with the adorable theme, her personality while curious and hyperactive, is very cute.
  3. She is excellently portrayed by Sakurako Okubo.
  4. Hammie is very self-motivated.
  5. She has a really good relationship with both Lucky/Shishi Red and Naga Ray/Hebitsukai Silver.
    • Coincidentally, the former shared the Taiyou Kyutama with her in order to defeat Jark Matter.
  6. She can be compared to both Mallow and Mantis.
    • When it comes to Mallow, both of them are humans, both are very active, the only difference being that Hammie is even more active and is from another planet as opposed to being on Earth.
    • When it comes to Mantis, both of them wear green clothing, both of them are from foreign planets (Thus, making them aliens to Earth), and are based on green animals (Praying mantis and chameleon), the only difference is that Hammie looks a lot like a human due to being an alien human.

Bad Qualities

  1. Hammie is sometimes quite hot-tempered.
  2. She is sometimes jealous due to Lucky's.... well, luck.


  1. She is the first chameleon-based Sentai hero since Mele from Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger.
    • Hammie is also the first female green Sentai hero since Mele.
      • However, unlike the latter, the former is the first ever chameleon-based Sentai ranger and female green Sentai ranger.
  2. Hammie is recorded to be 18 years of age and was born on September 1st at the time of Kyuranger's airing.