''All right, nobody look until I get my cork back in.''

Hamm is the wisecracking piggy bank and one of the supporting characters in the Toy Story franchise.

Why He Rocks

  1. He is voiced by Pixar legend John Ratzenberger.
  2. He seems to be a technological genius.
  3. He wasn’t as much of a jerk to Woody when he knocked Buzz out the window as Mr. Potato Head in the 1st movie.
  4. He is the one who started John Ratzenberger’s ultimate job as a Pixar voice actor, and is therefore his most popular Pixar voice role yet.
  5. He and Mr. Potato Head get along greatly with each other.
  6. He has plenty of funny moments, like when he switches channels rapidly on the TV.
  7. He is shown helping Woody and Buzz on many occasions.
  8. He, along with the rest of Andy’s toys and Forky, had an emotional and heartwarming goodbye to Woody at the end of the 4th film, as Woody decided to stay with Bo Peep.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. Even while he is NOT as rude to Woody when he knocked Buzz out the window, he still kind of can be. Thankfully, he did realize he took his behavior a little too far.
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