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"Boomerang Bird comes Back!"

-Hal's description from Angry Birds 2

Hal is a minor character from the Angry Birds. He's a toucan who's been captured by the pigs and saved by the birds in more than one occasion, and he's not usually seen taking part on the birds' fight against the pigs.

Good Qualities

  1. His boomerang ability is pretty cool and useful against weirdly-shaped buildings.
  2. He's quite decent at destroying wood and glass blocks.
  3. His design introduced in Angry Birds Coca Cola is arguably his best one.
  4. While initially portrayed as a goofy and clumsy bird, he became more mature, calmer and wiser.
  5. Similar to the Blues, he looked up to the birds, wanting to become a member of it.
  6. He was the one who rescued the eggs in the Summer Pignic short, after which he gained the flock's respect.
  7. His voice in Angry Birds Go!, provided by Jean-Marie Viollet, is pretty cool to listen, sounding a bit like a hippie.

Bad Qualities

  1. Like Crash, his personality is inconsistent and hard to pinpoint. The same could be said about his design, which tends to vary from game to game.
  2. His Angry Birds 2 design could be considered underwhelming compared to his previous one.
  3. He never appeared in Angry Birds Toons.


  • Hal will make Chuck's pain noises when being a corpse, thus making it the only bird without an original pain noise.
  • Hal has a different launch voice in Angry Birds Seasons as of the Ham'o'ween update. However, later versions, along with the PC and Mac versions of Angry Birds Classic have the alternative voice of the bird.
  • Hal is comparable to Ice Bird in that they first appeared trapped before being saved by the birds and becoming playable in the next level.
  • Hal's eyebrows in the older version of his sprite disappear when he blinks.
  • In Piglantis, Hal's ability does not work when he is underwater. The corpse will appear when the ability is activated.
  • In Angry Birds Friends, when Hal's boomerang ability is activated, he boomerangs back at a lower angle than in the main games.