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“🎵For even if I’m far away, I hold you in my heart. I sing a secret song to you, each night we are apart.🎵

-Hector Rivera, singing his song, "Remember Me".

Héctor Rivera is the deuteragonist of the beloved  Disney-Pixar film, Coco. He was a traveling musician in life and became a residential spirit in the Land of the Dead, in a series of lies, betrayal, and death. Since his untimely passing (due to either choking, food poisoning, or regular poisoning) he has became a lively trickster desperately trying to visit the Land of the Living to visit his only daughter before he becomes forgotten.

He is voiced by Gael García Bernal who also provides his singing voice.

Why He Rocks

  1. He has fantastic skills as a musician and song-writer, whether dead and alive!
    • This skill would be passed down to his great-great grandson, Miguel.
  2. He shares an amazing bond with his wife, Imelda, daughter, Coco, and great-great grandson, Miguel, and has shown to have a very welcoming, kindly “family man”-type.
  3. He’s shown to have a good friendship with Ernesto de la Cruz (before he turned out to be evil).
  4. He wrote many unforgettable songs (that were stolen by Ernesto), such as the heartwraming song, “Remember Me”.
  5. On that topic, he has stated that he wrote “Remember Me” only for his daughter, not the entire world.
  6. He’s shown to have a nice sense of humor.
  7. His relationship with Miguel is very heartwarming, much similar to his relationship with Mama Coco.
  8. His drag alter-ego as famous Hispanic painter, Frida Khalo, is a hilarious running gag throughout the movie.
  9. He’s shown to have some kindness, generosity and being there for a friend or family member, like when he sings to Chicharrón before he fully fades away.
  10. His main goal in the film is to go and see his daughter again in the living world, so he can be remembered by his family and to make up for lost times he had with Coco.
  11. The fact that his songs made Ernesto de la Cruz very famous, popular and adored just shows how good he is at writing songs.
  12. His backstory is very tragic and heartbreaking.
  13. When he knew he made the mistake of leaving his family, he was willing to give up his dreams as a famous musician to go see them again.

The Only Bad Quality

  1. At times, he‘s not the best with keeping promises, as he’s borrowed many things from his friend, Chicharrón, that he didn’t lend back.