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Gwendolyn is the titular protagonist of the 1917 silent film The Poor Little Rich Girl. She's the neglected 11-year-old daughter of a high-society couple.

She was portrayed by Mary Pickford.

Why She Rocks

  1. The role is a major turning point in Mary Pickford's acting career as it's the first time in adulthood that she played a little girl. Mary was 25 at the time and there were so many ways this couldn't have worked out. But despite all odds, Mary completely sells the act and is not only convincing as an 11-year-old girl, she even manages to come off as cute and adorable. Pickford can even change emotions shockingly quickly depending on the situation, similar to how an actual child may do so.
  2. She's incredibly wealthy and lives among a high society, and yet she doesn't let the money or power get to her head, she still acts that same way a normal girl would wants nothing more to hang with the lower class kids.
  3. Even though she's fun-spirited a usually good-hearted she still isn't afraid to take matters into her own hands when necessary. For example, she once had to deal with a snobby rich girl who would insult her house and her parents for no reason, and she gets back at her by scaring her by pretending to be a bear, and does it again later on by tricking her into sitting on some food.
  4. She has a crazy sense of humor and a lot of comical moments, aside from her payback with Susie she was also forced to wear boys' clothing and unintentionally started a mud fight while trying to playfully tease one of the boys, then there's also her actions in the bathroom where she had to deal with containing water after her sink is damaged. Or most notably, those various image spots shoving literal metaphors of her servants.
  5. Despite being constantly neglected and mistreated by her parents and servants, she still somehow managed to stay optimistic that things would later change, although not without a couple of attempts to fight back.

Bad Qualities

  1. There's a scene where she throws a fit at Susie and refuses to give her any of her good clothes just because of her being a tattletale. We get that Gwen hates Susie with a burning passion, but isn't this a bit extreme?