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Gabriela "Gabby" Gomez/Gum Girl is a character created by Rhode Montijo, who serves as a main protagonist of Disney's The Gumazing Gum Girl book series.

Why She Rocks

  1. She is one of the beloved Disney Hispanic superheroine characters ever made.
  2. She is sweet, classy, cheerful, and feminine.
  3. Gabby's got real life problems to deal with that makes her easy to relate to such having to deal with such as having to balance her superhero life with her normal life
  4. The concept of having a superhero humanoid girl made of gum is somewhat funny.
  5. As previously stated, she's completely sensitive, caring and responsible in her crime-fighting and looks out for anyone in need of certain aid, mainly because she didn't want those people the suffer the same tragedy she had suffered.
  6. She's very smart and intelligent as shown when managed to stretch, shape-shift, and cling on surfaces.
  7. Her creator, Rhode Montijo, said that she is his favorite superhero, Because he has the most loved.
  8. She had her sidekicks, Ninja-Rina and Natalie Gooch.
  9. She spawn internet memes, like the Punished Gabby meme.
  10. Hilarious quotes, like "Peanut butter. Where is it!?"
  11. "If you start trouble, I'll bust your bubble. 'Cause I'm Gum Girl. Yes, I'm Gum Girl.

Bad Qualities

  1. It was hard to know that Gabby barely looks like a superhero, but look more like a slime monster girl.
  2. She can sometimes be a jerk or Mary-Sue.