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Grizz, Panda, and Ice Bear are the three main protagonists of the ongoing Cartoon Network animated show, We Bare Bears. They are voiced by Eric Edleston (Grizz), Bobby Moynihan (Panda), and Demetri Martin (Ice Bear).

Why They Rock


  1. They make a wonderful trio together.
  2. They are helpful to many of their friends, like Charlie, Chloe, Lucy, etc.
  3. Even though they’re three different species of bear, they all consider themselves brothers which is very heartwarming.
  4. Them, second to Ed, Edd and Eddy are probably, Cartoon Network‘s most memorable trio.
  5. Their designs as cubs are adorable.
  6. The way they “stack” (as shown in the picture) almost where ever they go.


  1. He‘s the most upbeat and optimistic of trio, he’s also the oldest and the leader.
  2. Eric Eddleston does an amazing job at providing his voice.
  3. Even though he hates him, he still manages to help out Nom-Nom when he thinks he needs it.
  4. He’s also very creative, like with his hilariously cheesy homemade action fanfilms, Crowbar Jones.
  5. He’s willing to learn from his mistakes when he screws up most of the time.


  1. He’s usually the voice of reason in the trio as he can sometimes set straight what should be taken seriously and what shouldn’t.
  2. His love for anime and his phone along with his constant desperation for a girlfriend is the most memorable thing about him.
  3. Bobby Moynihan does a great job at providing his voice.
  4. The way he sneezes is downright adorable.
  5. He can also sometimes know how to get his brother(s) out of a bad jam.

Ice Bear

  1. Much like Ferb Fletcher, he remains almost completely silent (but also fiercely intelligent) throughout his show which is what makes him so likable.
  2. The way he speaks in the third person is the most memorable thing about him.
  3. The way he stands around (mostly staring and slightly frowning) is somewhat kind of cute.
  4. He‘s great at cooking, cleaning, combatting and fighting.
  5. He‘s also shown for have a love for animals.
  6. He can speak several other languages (like Korean and Russian).
  7. He really knows his way on using an axe.
  8. Demetri Martin does a great job at providing his voice, whenever he does speak.